about us

Who are we?

Imagine appoximately 10 people from mid 20s to mid 30s coming from all over the country, that have met together during their life endeavors, varying from climate through feminist to generaly leftist movement. We consist of students, teachers, researchers, lecturers, social workers, artists and many other identities. Officially we are associated under a social cooperative called Vzletný racek [flyful seagull].

Where are we?

In March 2022 we sold all our kidneys, borrowed life savings of our friends and families, and bought a big house with a garden in Děčín, a small Czech city 45 km from Dresden. Currently, the vila is under reconstruction.

What are we doing?  

Generally, our activities are spread widely, ranging from cultural events to community gardening and involvement in solidarity economy networks. More details can be found in the projects section.

Our activities heavily depend on the state of the house in Děčín, which we are currently renovating. The plan is to make the house habitable as soon as possible and open it for cultural and educational events for people from the local area as well as all over the Czech Republic.

We hope to achieve this goal soon and be able to invite people to visit and share the potential that the house project offers.

What are the long-term plans?

To become a part of the local community and get to know local active people.

To support cultural and educational potential of Ústí region by organizing events in our house.

To take part in various kind of community-based activities (community-owned energy production, community-supported agriculture, community garden etc.)

To participate in the process of just transition in the predominantly mining region, dealing with social-economic transition entagled with the development of renewable energy and coal phase-out.

To pay the loans for the house in 20 years, but with increasing prices for energy and with other loans for reconstructions it might take us longer.

We are aware it is going to be a long hard road to a destination nobody knows. Originally, we were thinking of naming our cooperative Friendship & Destruction, but we didn’t want to give any spoilers. Blood and tears and sometimes hopefully even joy, here we are.